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Mad For Science

With DiaSorin, science gets schools together

Supporting the passion for research in the youngest, right where their first meeting with scientific disciplines takes place: at school.


“Mad For Science” is a DiaSorin competition which will finance with 85,000 euros, a five-year implementation and maintenance of the high school teaching laboratory which will propose the best scientific project.


The “Mad For Science” competition is open to all Piedmont, scientific high schools, which can participate from January 11th to March 31st, with a team made of 6 students and a Science teacher. The mandate is to compose 10 teaching experiences and plan their development in their own lab, integrating experiences of “wet lab”, that is, focusing on the use of organic consumer products and "dry labs", based on multimedia support. Participants must also formulate a budget to implement and supply the interventions: DiaSorin will support the best proposal with 85,000 euros and a five-year supply of materials needed to implement it.

At the end of this first stage, a jury of Diasorin experts will evaluate the ideas received and select the eight most convincing ones.

The authors of the finalist projects will be the protagonists of the "Mad for Science Challenge", which will take place in Turin: a live challenge during which they will have the opportunity to present their work to illustrious members of the scientific community and communication professionals, who will officially declare the winner high-school.